A/N: It's short and itís sad. I was in a dark mood. (Beta by vee_mon.)

Routinely, your hands roam over my fully clothed body. Youíre playing with my emotions like a swindler, misleading my passion with practiced skill. Iím aware of your disingenuous touch, yet my body reacts to your caress like delicate flower, longing to flourish after just a brief ray of daylight and a single drop of rain.

Youíre not making love to me. This charade is crucial to prepare my body for your loveless invasion. Youíre my bittersweet intruder, my secluded lover. Never giving, always claiming. And while I am aware of your brutality, I still surrender to your will, cursing my lack of strength to end our dance of deception.

This is all I have. All Iíll ever know. All Iíll ever be. Iím yours. Someone - something - you donít want, yet you take all of me.

I allow you.

Foolishly pretending your heart is mine, Iím once again trapped in your embrace. Itís a lie Iíve chanted over and over again until my body accepted it as a truth.

So why canít I?

In every shallow stroke I feel your denial, your rejection, your refusal to connect our hearts. I want you to see me. Not the covered up girl youíre holding, but the naked vulnerability hidden deep inside of me. I beg for your soul to reach out for mine, far beyond the surface of this shell. Iím down in there. All I need is a steady bridge back to the world. Why canít you open your eyes and set me free?

Not being able to reach out for you, even though my body cradles yours, is the loneliest feeling ever imaginable.
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